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Humans Season 2 Premiere Date and Spoilers

Finally, ‘HUM∀NS’ has been renewed by AMC. ‘Humans Season 2’ is set to premiere next year. Here are some revelations as to what will happen in the Hawkins family’s newly acquired A.I. Anita (played by Gemma Chan).

‘Humans Season 2’ is a British-American series adaptation of the Swedish sci-fi drama ‘Real Humans’. The series explores themes like artificial intelligence, robotics, and the impact of such anthropomorphic robots-which is called “synths” in the series.

Since the progress of the recent times is all about technology, I think this is a timely show and a series worth watching.

When it comes to its premiere date in Channel 4 and AMC, nothing’s set in stone yet. However, according to AMC, ‘Humans Season 2’ will premiere later this year in the UK and earlier next year in the US.

Gemma Chan, Katherine Parkinson, Tom Goodman-Hill, and Lucy Carless are all going to reprise their roles as Anita, Laura Hawkins, Joe Hawkins, and Mattie Hawkins, respectively.

Aside from these characters, Emily Berrington will also reprise her role as Niska (also a synth). Aside from Anita and Niska, more synths are rumoured to join the cast of ‘Humans Season 2’.

When it comes to William Hurt’s role as Dr. George Millican, there’s still no news if he s coming back in ‘Humans Season 2’. However, according to Jonathan Brackley (Show runner of ‘Humans Season 2’), the idea of bring Dr. Millican back might be a good one.

Brackley added via TV Line;
It’s questionable whether William Hurt arriving in a box at the door would be right for the tone of our show.

New characters are also joining the cast of ‘Humans Season 2’ including; Carrie-Ann Moss as Dr. Athena Morrow, Sam Palladio as Ed, Marshall Allman, Sonya Cassidy, and Letitia Wright.

Accoridng to Sam Vincent (Co-Producer of ‘Humans Season 2’), the plot for the upcoming ‘Humans Season 2’ won’t be the same as its Swedish counterpart. Whilst he admits that the first season of ‘Humans’ was almost the same as the Swedish version, the upcoming ‘Humans Season 2’ will be different.

He added,”I think for Season 2, we’ll be looking at the original more as a… treasure chest than a blueprint. They have so many wonderful and brilliant ideas, and even if their stories are going down a different track, we can just cherry-pick everything that works for us.

It seems that the upcoming ‘Humans Season 2’ won’t be picking up where it left off. According to Vincent, the upcoming season will happen months after the finale of season 1.

The writer added, “They’ve moved into new areas of our personal lives… You’re not coming back to a status-quo society.


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