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Gemma Chan plans to move to Canada

You probably already know that UK has decided to leave European Union because 50% of residents want to leave EU. Gemma write this tweet yesterday, so she plans to move to Canada. It’s not official yet if she moving to Canada.

What do you think about it? Are you happy that the UK will leave EU? And do you want that Gemma moved to Canada?

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One thought on “Gemma Chan plans to move to Canada

  1. John Stanhope
    / Reply

    I see no reason for Gemma to run to Canada just because the UK has voted to leave the EU, It’s not a travesty by any means, and heck, it’s not as if the EU has been the way of the land for centuries. It’s actually a new circumstance that’s turned out to be a bumpy one in many ways. So no, I don’t know why one should leave the country over it.

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